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Kharkiv freelancers can work directly with corporate giants like Philip Morris Ukraine

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Exchange freelancing portal “Proffstore” signed a contract on a complex service with the company “Philip Morris Ukraine”. This information was reported by AIN.UA.

Currently freelancers are often forced to look for big clients through intermediaries, working as a subcontractor. In the framework of cooperation and exchange of freelancing “Proffstore” company with the “Philip Morris Ukraine”, Ukrainian freelancers can gain experience with corporate customers directly.

Pavel Pimenov, managing director of the International Exchange freelancing portal “Proffstore” explains: “This cooperation project became possible thanks to the unique for the Ukrainian market freelancing service – Premium IT-Management (PIM). The service provides a personal manager for big employers, and this manager is supposed to pick up an effective team specifically for the task”.

Photo from wpfixit.com
Photo from wpfixit.com

“We are always looking for people with fresh and interesting ideas, this applies to both employees and partners. Freelancing gives you easy access to these ideas. Thus, we obtain high quality results in a short time, while performers get experience working with international clients,” says Mykola Takzey, director of brand management company “Philip Morris Ukraine”.

Reference. Philip Morris International (PMI) affiliates in Ukraine comprise of PrJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine” and LLC “Philip Morris Sales and Distribution”. In 1994, Philip Morris International (PMI) acquired a majority share of the JSC Kharkiv tobacco factory. PMI affiliates employ over 1,300 people at our state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Kharkiv and Kyiv headquarter of PrJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine” as well as 10 regional offices of LLC “Philip Morris Sales and Distribution”.

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