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A new business model of rental housing will be developed in Ukraine

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The draft law “On the rental housing” has already been developed, its discussion and coordination with the central executive authorities continues, as the Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Services Gennady Zubko reported.

“A business model of rental housing isn’t good enough in Ukraine. The current situation with renting housing could be compared with Shanghai of the XIX century. After all, a rental business model is a popular profitable tool, which has been effectively working in developed countries for many years. It allows to rise to a new level the construction market and attract investments. We have already developed a draft law “On the rental housing”. We hope that it will be adopted soon, and 2016 will be the year of the beginning of the program of rental housing in Ukraine,” said Zubko.

The bill on rental housing, which has developed by the team of the Ministry, provides for certain incentives for investment.

It establishes governmental perks for construction and maintenance of rental housing. For example, the land for such a building should be for free as well as utilities connection, the customer of building should be exempted from the transfer of funds for the infrastructure development.

According to Zubko, by building of rental housing the government will increase the volume of supply and, thus, reduce the prices.

The purpose of the law is to bring rental housing out of the shadows and create transparent relationships between the tenant and the landlord, favorable conditions for investment in rental housing, the possibility of filling the market of quality supply, reducing the cost of such housing. In the new circumstances Gennady Zubko suggested that not only individuals can use rental housing, but also enterprises could have an opportunity to rent an apartment for the employees.

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