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Activists try to dismiss the Head of Kharkiv patrol police


On the official web-site of President of Ukraine registered a petition to dismiss the head of Kharkiv police Olga Yuskevich. The petition was filed on January 15. The author of the petition became an activist of “Trafic Control” – videoblogger Roman Aleksenko.

The reason for the petition, according to human rights activist Ivan Nevinniy and Roman Aleksenko, became an “inconsistent with job and incompetence of the police chief in matters of law“. In one day petition gained 650 signatures of 25 thousand needed.

“Dear President, we ask you to consider the dismissal from the ranks of the National Police, the Head of patrol police of the city Kharkiv Olga Yuskevich who does not correspond to the post and there are numerous confirmations on the Internet,” said in the petition.

The reason for this appeal was the video published on YouTube, the dialogue between Yuskevich and the group of lawyers who came to her appointment. The lawyers tried to find out the circumstances of the detention of a minor but the main policeman of Kharkiv answered questions muddily and uncertainly. In particular, Yuskevich failed to clearly answer whether the detention is a legal proceeding.

It’s worth noting that at the moment the access to the video is limited. Kharkiv Regional State Administration has already declared about deliberate discrediting of the patrol police.

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