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A Kharkiven who lost his hand became a massage therapist

Photo by Denis Podkopay

A 26-year-old Kharkiven Oleg Berezovsky was mobilized during the first wave of mobilization in Ukraine. He participated in the liberation of Nikolayevka town under Slovyansk. Having served for a few months, Oleg was seriously wounded, on July 3rd 2014 his armored carrier came under fire.

Oleg’s hands were amputated immediately in a field hospital not to prevent an infection. Then he had to go through several operations: fragments were removed from his eyes, hip and forearm. Then he had a long treatment and rehabilitation at the Kyiv military hospital. Became a disabled, Oleg did not give up fighting and decided to get a second degree at the Academy of Physical Culture taking exams on general grounds. Here, the veteran of the ATO became a physical recreation therapist.

According to his coach Denis Podkopay the work with the special student has become a real challenge for him, because, no one in the world has made a massage therapist from a man without wrists. A special prosthesis “Massage unit” and special massage technique were created for Oleg.

Moreover, Oleg has a bag with accessories for his artificial hand for any life situation, with help of it Oleg can eat and drive.

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