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Estonia will help Kharkiv with the introduction of e-government


On January 11 the head of the Kharkiv Regional Council Sergey Chernov met with the managing director of the Ukrainian Association of Venture Capital and Private Equity Yanika Merilo. Estonian specialist arrived in Kharkiv to present a program of implementation of e-government in different regions of Ukraine.

She conducted the presentation during the meeting of the working group on project preparation of regional program on crime prevention, public safety and implementation regulations of e-government in the Kharkiv region in 2016-2020 years.

merilo2Yanika Merilo explained that the implementation of e-government in the Kharkiv region requires three components: transparency, efficiency and education. She noted that the important idea of ​​introducing the principle of openness in finance sphere is budget management.

“Briefly summarizing: Kharkiv regional council is not only ready but wants and is going to implement the solutions of e-government starting with the foundation – document flow. At the meeting of the working group of e-government regional council they came to understanding that it is important to create a strategy by March that determines the direction, priorities, responsible people and terms of implementation of e-government,” stated Merilo.

The team of Estonian specialist already has positive experience in implementing similar projects in Ukraine. In particular, IT-government is already working in Kiev. In Lviv 5% of local residents use the ID-cards thanks to which they can receive electronic certificates, ordered administrative services, have access to electronic servers of personal account, receive social benefits and pay fare.

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