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The Third Anti-Corruption Forum will be held in Kharkiv

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Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikhail Saakashvili announced an anti-corruption forum in Kharkiv. Forum will be held on January 18.

“This forum will present the program and plan of activities of the movement, as well as provide practical tools to prevent corruption and fight against corruption at provincial and city levels,” Saakashvili wrote on his page on Facebook.

The purpose of the Forum is to concentrate forces of society in the fight against corruption in all spheres: law enforcement system, economy and politics.

The event will include four sets of issues:

  1. Combining social and political forces to clean up the country.
  2. The mechanisms of struggle that are necessary to use today and the action plan.
  3. Urgent measures to change the situation in the country.
  4. The broad program of systemic reforms that will eliminate the soil and conditions for corruption.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 4.30.18 PMForum will be held under the auspices and with the participation of such organizations and groups as the Center for Economic Strategy, Innovation and Development Foundation, the Democratic Alliance, “Association of Private Employers’, Charitable Foundation “Kharkiv with you”, Agency of image of Ukraine and others.

To participate in the forum you should fill out a registration form.

Funding is provided by crowdfunding (fund-raising and expenditure reporting activities carried out under the coordination of the team “Democratic Alliance”). You can donate here.

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