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Kharkivens were asked for money for FC “Metallist”

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An initiative group of fans of the Kharkiv football club “Metallist” appealed to the public to provide financial assistance to the club. An adviser of the chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Sergey Storozhenko posted a relevant message on his Facebook page.

According to him, first of all, children’s and youth football academy of the club, its training center, are in need of protection and support.

“We appeal to those who are not indifferent to our club standing on a ledge. The situation requires immediate and proactive actions. If each of us is aware of his responsibility for common cause and of importance of his actions, we will be able to save the home club” Sergey stated in his letter.

“In order to preserve the base of your favorite club, restructure its debts, reduce financial pressure on the main team of the club, the Kharkiv Regional Charitable Fund “Renaissance of the Kharkiv football” of Nikolay Ugraitskiy” have resumed its activity. We hope that everyone who cares “Metallist” will take part in the voluntary financial filling of the Fund. We are confident that every feasible monthly assistance will help to prevent the club liquidation, ” Sergey stressed in his message.

The letter was signed by the club’s shareholders, members of the regional council, Kharkiv athletes, and “Metallist” fans. The full text of the statement is available here.

In February 2013 a millionaire Sergey Kurchenko, who now is wanted internationally, became the president of FC “Metalist”. Last year the messages about difficult financial state of the club appeared repeatedly in the press.

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