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On the route “Kyiv-Kharkiv” appeared mobile emergency station


On January 11 due to the expectation of worsening weather conditions started the work mobile emergency station on the route “Kyiv-Kharkiv” near city Valki of Kharkiv region. The aim of the mobile station is to help drivers who are in a difficult situation and prevent cases of hypothermia, as well as providing living conditions for personnel of emergency rescue teams called to eliminate the consequences of emergencies and in poor weather conditions.

The rescuers of emergency station will be on duty around the clock. There will be supply of food, tea, water, warm clothing and such things. Mobile station consists of a 3 all-terrain vehicles “ZIL-131” which can be relocated within the shortest possible time at any desired location depending on the operational environment. Also, it includes a special road machinery “Oblavtodor” which is designed to clear snow drifts.


At present, on the territory of the Kharkiv region operates 312 stationary warming centres which are deployed by local authorities. In these centres the citizens suffering from low temperature may warm up and drink hot beverages.

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