Home Business An industrial robot appeared at the Kharkiv plant

An industrial robot appeared at the Kharkiv plant

Photo from www.used-robots.com

“The Kharkov Frunze Plant” has bought a robotic complex from the Japanese subsidiary of “KUKA” company, a manufacturer of industrial robots.

According to the company, the robot is designed for welding services and will be used in the production of galvanized gate for complete fencing systems as well as in the production of industrial pellet boilers.

The equipment, in the acquisition of which the company has invested more than 2 million UAH, has already arrived in Kharkiv, and its commissioning is scheduled for January.

Moreover, the company is going to hold a “Humans vs Robots” battle: the competition between KUKA’s robots and a team of professional welders.

As the chairman of the board, Alexander Vasilenko, explained – through the commissioning of robotic systems at the enterprise they expect to increase the speed of orders execution and obtain a stable work quality of the most complicated parts in the 2nd and 3rd shifts. At the same time the plant is not going to cut jobs because they will need experts to manage and maintain the complex.

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