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Summing up 2015: the biggest deals in the Ukrainian IT market

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In 2015, the Ukrainian IT-business was working in new realities that someone could call a “new economic conditions”, and someone just a “crisis”. Nevertheless, several well-known, and even unexpected investors, such as George Soros, who came in the Ukrainian IT-market this year. Also in 2015 the largest public sale of Ukrainian startup has happened, the deal was worth $ 150 million.


According to the head of the supervisory board of Ukraine Venture Capital Association (UVCA), Andrey Kolodyuk, the most significant Ukrainian IT-deals of this year are as follows:

Snapchat bought Odessa company Looksery for $ 150 million. Ukrainians made Looksery application, which allows a smart phone user to simulate his appearance in various ways: make the face thinner, change the eyes or skin color or even to choose 3D avatar.

Horizon Capital” bought a stake in the Ukrainian internet shop “Rozetka“. According to various estimates, the fund could pay for a piece of the largest online store from $ 200 to $ 700 million. The share which went to the fund estimated from 5 to 15%.

One of the major deals is a buying a stake in a outsourcer Ciklum (originally Scandinavian company) by George Soros’s fund. Kolodyuk considers it to become the main news of the year: “This is a turning point for Ukraine when new investors will come to the country, they will consider us not only in the context of political scandals and hostilities”.


The accurate price of the deal is remain unknown, the experts also refrain from assessments. But it is clear that we are talking about at least tens of millions of dollars.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) bought a stake of the company Depositphotos, which represents a photo-bank service.

Against the background of the previous deals, the amount of $ 4 million does not seem so solid, but only the fact that EBRD has invested in the Ukrainian startup is of great importance for the country market. The experts consider this deal not to be a charity or aid to the country being at war. “They invest because they want to earn, and earn a lot,” Andrey said.

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