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The residents of Kharkiv will be able to fly to Minsk starting from today

Photo from alsvets.lv

Press service of the Kharkiv airport reported that direct flights between Kharkiv and Minsk are opened on December, 17th.

The aircraft carrier Belavia will carry daily flights on Boeing 735. Time of the departure from the International Airport “Kharkiv” is 14:25. The arrival at the National Airport “Minsk” is at 16:25 (local time).

“After the closure of the air corridor between Ukraine and Russia, Minsk is the most convenient transit point for passengers who are traveling to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the Russian Federation,” told the officials of the airport.

Feel free to check the flights schedule here.

Or contact the corresponding services by phone:

  • Referral Service – 0900316571, (057) 766-00-76.
  • Ticket office – (067) 577-74-24, (067) 575-63-73.
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