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Kharkiv Football Club “Metalist” celebrated its 90th anniversary


The festive event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of FC “Metallist” was held on December 14th. As is well known, “Metalist”, considered its starting point in history in 1925 when then “Kharkiv Locomotive Works” (now “Malyshev Plant”) formed a football team.


During the event, veterans and members of FC “Metalist” in connection with the anniversary were awarded commemorative certificates. Among the veterans were former players of FC “Metalist”. The event was also attended by Victor Aristov, Sergey Malko, Vladimir Linke and other players who glorified Kharkiv club in the country and abroad.

The Deputy Director General for sports activities “Metalist” Alexander Boytsan noticed that the club always has ups and downs but the players always managed to come out of problematic situations. According to him, the club will continue to do everything possible for its development. Alexander Boytsan thanked the fans of the team for their support, congratulated the sportsmen and their fans and stressed that “Metalist” has a great future.

Note that FC “Metallist” during its existence became the seven-time bronze medalist, vice-champion of Ukraine and the USSR Cup winner. Apart from the success in the domestic league, “Metalist” won fame on the European scene, regularly playing in the group stage and play-offs of the Europa League. “Metalist” brought up several generations of outstanding players and national team players from different countries.

Throughout its history “Metalist” is accompanied by an army of true fans who support the club through foul and fair. Thanks to this support the football club “Metalist” will always exist, develop and delight Kharkivens with new victories and achievements.

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