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A “Sports Ball” was held in Kharkiv


A festive evening dedicated to summarizing sports outcomes in 2015 and honoring the best athletes of the region was held in Kharkiv. The Ball of Champions initiated by the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) gathered almost all modern sportspeople of Kharkiv. The winners and participants of the Olympic Games, world and European champions have changed from sports uniform to evening wear.

The Vice Chairmen of KRSA Julia Svetlichnaya and Michail Chernyak congratulated the sportspeople on their successful completion of the year.

“You represent the elite of the nation. Not only Kharkiv but the whole Ukraine can look up to you,” noticed Julia Svetlichnaya.

c1c5d9266498ab73727f881e51421b61The deputy head of the region wished the athletes that 2016, a year of the Olympic Games, would bring them them new victories and medals to the treasury of the Ukrainian Olympic team.

“We believe that thanks to you our national anthem will be played at the Olympics. The regional administration will do its best to help you achieve the best results. The head of the region Igor Rainin put the development of sport in priority, and we hope that our support will be an incentive to win new victories,” said Julia Svetlichnaya.

Michail Cherniak also thanked the sportspeople and their coaches for outstanding results and stressed that the development of sport is a common goal of athletes and direction of the region.

“We will work to create favorable conditions for the preparation of our sportspeople for the Olympic Games. We hope that Kharkiv region will be well represented at these competitions. The same refers to the rest of the Kharkiv sportsmen: we will support them despite difficult financial situation in the country. Because we understand that the contribution of sportspeople in the development of the state can’t be overestimated,” said Mikhail Chernyak.

The Vice Chairmen of KRSA awarded the best athletes and coaches of 2015 with honorary rewards of the regional state administration.

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