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Real people-books appeared in Kharkiv

Photo from www.milimar.info

Yesterday, on December 13th, the meeting in the format of “Living Library” was held in Kharkiv State Scientific Library of Vladimir Korolenko, as the press service of the library reported.

“Living Library is an alternative to reading rooms. “Books” appear with their unique stories and unusual experience. “Reading” of the people goes through communication with them. At “Living library” readers can choose a “book” and inspired with someone else’s life, breaking down stereotypes,” the organizers said.

“Each “living book” can be borrow only once. Communication with “people-books” can be no more than 30 minutes, after that it is necessary “to return them to the library”. “Reading” time can be extended (by mutual agreement) for another 30 minutes, if anyone else wants to read the “book”, explains employees of the library.

The reader is required to return the “book” in the same physical and psychological condition which the book was received. It is forbidden to harm the “book”. The “book” has the right not to answer questions found to be inconvenient (uncomfortable) to discuss.

Moreover, bookcrossing also took place under the meeting, so readers brought paper books to share it with other people.

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