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GrowthUP and Ministry of Education will teach Ukrainian scientists to earn


Business accelerator GrowthUP announced a program which calls “4 steps” for Ukrainian scientists. Its creators want to teach scientists and innovators to commercialize their products.

The accelerator launches the program together with the Ministry of Education in the first quarter of 2016, announced the head of GrowthUp Group Denis Dovgopolyi. “We want Ukrainian science become a step closer to Western markets,” he said explaining the purpose of the project.

The program will be financed by the Ministry and the projects that will be selected for the participation will receive money for their developments. It will consist of four stages: the first – a training seminars “Technological Business for Dummies” and “Commercialization of innovations in the technology business”.

Then, from the participant projects will be selected 10. In the selection will be mainly oriented on the competence of the team and understanding of the market, said Denis Dovgopolyi.

The third step – the beginning of product development (R&D). GrowthUP promises at this stage methodological assistance, and the Ministry of Education will allocate the funds. The last stage of the program is the development and implementation of ways to commercialize the product.

“We want to try to popularize the approach, not “try to attach our developments”, but “to invent something that will be sold like hot cakes,” explained Denis. An example of such a development which originated in the research laboratory of Ukrainian university and was later bought by Google is Viewdle.

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