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How the police punishes Kharkiv automobilists

Photo from 360tv.ru

For November the Kharkiv police have taken to the impound lot more than 180 cars parked with violations of traffic rules.

On November 7th, the law, that allows the police to evacuate involuntary the parked cars detaining traffic, was adopted. Now, according to the law, the сareless drivers were massively fined.

The tow truck services, depending on the weight of the car, costs violators out from 720 to 1020 UAH. For storage of the car at the Kharkiv impound lot the offenders should pay 144 UAH per day for the first week, and 24 UAH per day for the second week.

The largest number of cars was evacuated in Kiev in this period (more than 500 cars). The fewest offenders live in Lviv, as the police took only 68 cars in November.

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