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“Three steps”: Kharkiv disabled will participate in a photo campaign

Photo from http://newsroom.kh.ua/

Kharkiv is inconvenient and dangerous for people with disabilities, especially for wheelchair users, according to experts opinion. In order to attract more attention to the mobility issues, the team “Inva SOS East” announced a photo campaign with the working title “Three steps”.

“Make a photo in front of your home, school, work place, near those places which you can not get in without exterior help, and send it us on invasoseast.com.  Let’s put as many of these photos as possible, to show vividly the situation as it is,” the chairman of the board of “Inva SOS East”, Vladimir Miroschnik, proposed.

Wheelchair users can not leave their home for six months, Kharkiv subway is unsafe for the blind, the infrastructure for deaf person does not exist at all. This was said at the presentation of the project “Limitless people” implemented by the International Education Center.

As the director of the Foundation “SOS Inva East” Olga Kravtsova, a lot of things bump not even into infrastructure, but into banal indifference.

“Often, a bus even does not stop when seeing me at the bus stop: it is unnecessary trouble for a driver. In many toilets with an icon of accessibility for people with disabilities, it is impossible to turn the wheelchair, and in restaurants and cafes the ramps are almost absent” Kravtsova said.

However, the Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes stressed in his speech to people with disabilities that he would do his best to make the city more convenient for them.

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