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“Debates on Europe 2015” will be held in Kharkiv

Future. Co-existence in conflict regions. More than 30 European intellectuals.

The third conference “Debates on Europe 2015. Neighbourhood in Europe: Prospects of a common future” will be held in Kharkiv on December 11-12th. Well-known European writers, scholars, and journalists from more than ten countries will come to discuss the issues of European security and identity because Kharkiv, as a border city, allows to see these problems in a particular perspective.

The participation in the meeting have been already confirmed by many members, including a painter Sergei Zakharov, who was in the thrall in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“This conference is needed because of many things: terrorist attacks in the heart of Europe, war in Ukrane, and unpredictability of Russia’s actions. Europe has faced the challenge, which it was not ready for,” Zakharov stated.

The first day and a half the conference will take place in closed doors format and an open public debate will begin on December 12th at 18:00 at the large physical lecture hall of Karazin Kharkiv National University (the entry is free).

“Today, Europe has to make prompt decisions. But for this it is needed to reconsider some points, to understand what we are ready to transform or even refuse from, and what must remain the unshakable basis. And intellectuals, the leaders of public opinion, are dedicated to play the main role in this issue. Europe is said to be born in a dialogue, and that’s why we are holding these series of meetings and debates,” one of the project partners, the director of Fisher’s Fund, Antje Kontius, stressed.

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