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Kharkiv firefighters received new equipment from USA

Photo from ksgromada.com.ua

Within the framework of the project “Enhancing public safety and public awareness”, US Agency for International Development (USAID) has transferred Kharkiv fireman newest fire and rescue equipment.

Head of the State Service for Emergency Situations in the Kharkiv region, Alexander Volobuev said that rescuers received 120 units of helmet-masks for devices and 30 devices on compressed air Draeger for respiratory protection and vision, dedicated for work in unbreathable environment.

Photo from kharkov.comments.ua
Photo from kharkov.comments.ua

“We have an acute shortage of such equipment. For example, in the Kharkiv region there are more than 2000 firefighters and we have only about 640 devices of this type, 340 of them must be utilized,” said Alexander Volobuev.

The equipment for mass-explanatory work with the public and internally displaced persons have also been delivered.

“USAID is implementing in Ukraine clearly oriented program for assisting in development and improvement of the citizens health. Our projects increase the confidence and morale of the society to the challenges of the time,” said Deputy Director of the Regional Mission of the US Agency for International Development in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, John Pennel.

According to John Pennel, the agency plans to expand its partnership with the Kharkiv region.

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