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“Life” is launching 3G in Kharkiv

Photo from ukrainianiphone.com

A mobile operator “Life” started testing 3G network in Kharkiv. Today, in the city center an active phase of equipment testing (12% of the planned base stations) is carrying out. According to the operator the maximum download speed will be about 63.3 Mb per second.

The optimal rate of 3G network of the operator is 65 UAH per month. It consists of unlimited social networking, unlimited calls between Life‘s users, and 200 free minutes to other operators.

Almost the whole territory of Ukraine has enjoyed 3G-network. Only the residents of Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Zhytomyr and Cherkasy left behind. The reason is known: the frequency is occupied by means of military special connection.

When “Life” receives all the necessary licences, the company plans to launch all the base stations and provide the whole city for the smart cover.

For a long time our users have been waiting for the 3G connection in Kharkiv, which is populated by 1.5 million people. But, the necessity of frequency conversion by military men complicates the launch of 3G-communication in Kharkiv region. I am sure that our users treat with understanding such a situation,” the CEO of “Life”, Burak Ersoy stated.

The company expressed the hope that in December they will launch a full-fledged 3G network in Kharkiv region.

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