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Kharkiv Aircraft Plant will cooperate with Kyiv

Photo from dozor.com.ua

Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing company will be maximally integrated in the production cycle of serial plant “Antonov” (Kyiv), as the deputy chairman of the concern “Ukroboronprom”, Yuriy Pashchenko, assured.

“It will be a specialized company, which soon will be closely integrated into manufacturing and technical cycle of the plant “Antonov”. I’m not talking about some workshop but about a joint cooperation,” he said.

According to Pashchenko, Kharkiv aircraft plant is producing composite components (tails, fuselages, and so on) for the production cycle of the plant “Antonov”.

“Today, we have a work in progress production as a midterm” he pointed out.

Pashchenko noted that now there is an opportunity to produce a complete cycle of two types of planes, AN140 and AN74, at the Kharkov aircraft plant.

In turn, the chairman of “Ukroboronprom”, Roman Romanov, stressed that the Kharkov aircraft plant received an order for manufacturing of two aircrafts without prepayment.

“The customers are ready to get this aircrafts but we need to finish it. We addressed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as we need to be allocated for the financial resources for the plant will be able to finish these aircafts. After the payment receipt we will return the money to the budget,” Romanov assured.

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