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Kernes made a speech for people with disabilities

Photo from joinfo.ua

The mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernesmade a speech on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is celebrated today, on December 3rd.

“Dear Kharkivens! I do not accept such words as people with disabilities, a disabled, a limited mobility.

As a mayor and a man who knows very well what you have to face every day, I can assure that Kharkiv will be fully accessible and comfortable for all the citizens without exception. Shortly, we will complete the first big project in terms of accessibility – the reconstruction of Sumska Street. And we will move on. Today, we have already checked the availability of courts and pharmacies, we continuously monitor the transport availability.

I want you could reach easily any place in Kharkiv, any of its object, and use any mode of transport. It will prove that there are no people with no disabilities in the city where the authorities understand what a sense of duty and responsibility to the citizens is.

On this day I wish you good health, new victories, happiness, and well-being. Thank you for making our city better! Peace for all of us!

Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes”.

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