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“Grad” rocket system was improved in Kharkiv

Photo from www.sq.com.ua

A new rocket system “Verba” was created in Kharkiv. This system is multi-fold better than its Soviet predecessor BM-21 “Grad”, as a general designer of the Kharkiv design bureau of mechanical engineering, Vladimir Vakulenko, reported.

“This machine prepares for shooting seven times faster. Moreover, it transmitts four times faster a topographical situation from the machine location and from the place of the gun suspected target“, noted Vakulenko.

He also reported that at this stage the “Verba” system was created as the prototype version only. 15.9 million UAH is needed for its technical completion. Vakulenko emphasized that in the case of receipt of these finances, in 7 months the Kharkiv design bureau will be able to prepare the “Verba” system for defence tests and then to present it to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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