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Kharkiv City Council adapted a roll-call vote practice

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Yesterday, on November 26th, The Verkhovna Rada obliged the local councils to hold a roll-call vote and publish the results on its websites. 236 deputies supported the corresponding bill №2016a.

The explanatory note to the bill stated that the vast majority of votes in local councils were not individual voting in contrast to the Verkhovna Rada. The minutes of the sessions displayed only the number of deputies who voted for, against or abstained.

The information about how each member voted for each solution were not displayed neither in the minutes nor on the websites or in printed sources. Usually, these data could not be obtained even by the information requests as the results were not fixed.

This situation turned the open voting in a fiction, it does not give voters the possibility to control the actions of their deputies, including votes for the resonant property, land, and finance issues.

Under the new law all the non ballot votes shall be carried out in a roll-call format. The names of the voters will be published on the Kharkiv City Council website and included in the session minutes.

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