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Intelligence agencies monitor Kharkivens with thousand of cameras

A unique online video monitoring center came into operation in the Kharkiv regional administration of the State Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), as the head of the press center of the regional department of the SSUVladislav Abdula, stated.

“The main purpose of the system is an identification and prevention of terrorist attacks and subversive actions. The system can also be used by other law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes,” Abdula stressed.

New security monitoring center enables to keep day and night surveillance and record information from more than thousand cameras in Kharkiv region. About a quarter of cameras were installed upon an initiative of the SSU on high-security objects. The complex is designed in such a way that later it could be connected with several tens of thousands of cameras.

The video stream is recorded and stored on own server hardware installed in the premises of SSU in Kharkiv region. All the recorded videos can be viewed on large-format screens. Moreover, the software allows to view simultaneously about 30-45 videos and change the screens configuration in accordance with particular situation and needs.

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