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Batman’s car appeared in Kharkiv

Batman's car in Kharkiv. Photo from https://vk.com/h_kharkov

Yesterday evening, on November 25th, a replica of the legendary car of the “Batman” and “Batman Forever” movies character appeared in the parking lot of a business center near “Botanichesky Sad” underground station, acoording to the words of the media portal x1.

The black car was brought by the tow truck to one of the local office centers, then it was unloaded in the parking lot. As it turned out, employees of a large Kharkiv IT-company decided to make Kharkivens’ day demonstrating the fantastic vehicle.

It is a real car from "Batman" movie
It is a real car from “Batman” movie

“We just wanted to put it in the office parking lot for people to rejoice, but we are afraid of vandalism,” told us one of the employees of the company.

The owner of unusual vehicle wished to remain anonymous. Later witnesses watched the car to be evacuated.

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