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Kharkivens won World Chartographers Competition

Photo from kh.vgorode.ua

Four students of Karazin Kharkov National University demonstrated the high level skills in World Chartographers Competition. They took part in information updating of a service “Here.com” (a maps developer), which cooperates with the Department of Physical Geography and Cartography of the University. The service does not have enough staff to keep the navigation data updated, so it attracts students worldwide.

Tatiana Khoroshun, Konstantin Aksenov, Julia Kravchenko, and Elena Korh have being engaged in digitization for several weeks. They based on the satellite imagery when updating the information. The team updated the data concerning Ukrainian roads and entrances to all the railway stations.

“The guys gained practical skills of spatial map data creation, this specialization is on demand now,” an associate professor of the Department, Alexander Tretyakov, explains.

The competition involved more than 900 teams from 150 countries. The team of Karazin Kharkov National University won the competition and demonstrated the best results in quality and volumes of processed information.

Young professionals are happy as they gained valuable experience and prizes.

“For the digitization of Kharkiv region roads I got a Nokia phone. We also received job references from the company. There are some difficulties with an employment in my field, so such cooperation was very useful for me,” says one of the competition finalists, Tatyana Khoroshun.

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