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Chernov became the head of the Kharkiv Regional Council again

Photo from atn.ua

Today, on November 25th, the head of the Kharkiv regional council has been elected at the first session of the 7 convocation. Sergey Chernov once again holds the position now.

On November 23rd, he was nominated from the the party “Vidrodzhennia” at the general meeting of deputies of the regional council. Today, the deputy of the regional council, the head of the counting commission Vitaly Panov, announced the results of a secret ballot. Sergey Chernov won with 96 votes. Tatiana Bednyak was nominated from the faction “Samopomich”. She received the voices of 22 deputies. In total 118 deputies were present on the meeting, out of 120.

Sergey Chernov said that the main task when working with the deputies is the unification of all political forces, regardless of their ideology.

He added that the main challenge for the region remains the preservation of peace and the development of small, medium and large businesses and, consequently, the creation of new jobs.

“Today we need to shift the focus on the economy, attract investment, transparency, the creation of conditions for the companies recovery from the financial crisis,” said Chernov.

Recall that in the last convocation Chernov was also the head of the regional council. Feel free to check his biography here.

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