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“First Entrepreneurs School of KhPI” is launched in Kharkiv

Photo from VK "The world needs your idea"

Tomorrow, November 25th, the registration for a new project of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTU “KhPI”) School of Entrepreneurship “FESK” (First Entrepreneurs School of KhPI) will be opened.

The purpose of the project is to deliver the students the actual practical knowledge on how to start their own business, maintain and promote it, learn about the intricacies of the business and develop their creative abilities.

“FESK” includes several steps: registration, creation of your own business idea, its presentation on a dedicated web platform and the virtual investing. As a result, 36 selected participants will receive certificates for training and master classes from the leading experts and professors. The authors of the best ideas, with the help of consultants, will be able to prepare the professional business plans for the commercialization of their projects.

The organizers of the business school are: Project TEMPUS BUSEEG-RU-UA “The acquisition of professional and entrepreneurial skills through education and counseling”, “Development Entrepreneurship Bureau” of the University economic faculty, the Student Organization of Economists “EC 42/62” and Team ENACTUS NTU “KhPI”.

Registration will be opened from November 25 to December 9 via the official page in the VK.

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