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Kharkivens will represent Ukraine at World Golf Championship

Photo from golfmir.ru

On November 28th Ukrainian team will participate World Golfers Championship 2016.

This year the number of representatives from our country is a record – 17 Ukrainians will attend one of the most important tournaments in the golf world. Six of those who won the right to represent the country in the qualifying round of the Superior WGC Championship are Kharkivens.

Alexander Deniskin, Arthur Badyuk, Fedor Kargapolov, Oleg Usenko, Alexander Eremin and Stanislav Chornenky will represent Ukraine from Kharkiv city.

World Amateur Golfers Championship-2016 will be held from November 28th to December 5th in Belek (Turkey).

It is worth mentioning that Kharkivens Anna Avdeeva and Arthur Badyuk won Ukrainian Golf Cup on September 27th at the Kharkiv Club “Superior Golf & Spa Resort” where the Golf Federation of Ukraine held the sport event. 46 participants (33 men and 13 women) fought for Ukrainian Cup.

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