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Kharkiv plants will export its production in European market

Photo from www.upec.ua

“Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant” and “Kharkov Bearing Plant” signed contracts for the supply of its products in France, Romania, Austria, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Estonia and Lithuania, reported representatives of Indusrial Group “Ukrainian Power Engineering Company” (UPEC) which structure includes mentioned plants.

Contracts were signed with the dealers at the show “Agritechnica-2015” in Hannover (Germany).

“To increase the “Lozova machinery” sales we plan to cooperate with several large key retailers in each country of Europe. This year, sales of agricultural machines increased by 2.5 times. We have been exporting our equipment in Russia and Kazakhstan for 10 years, in 2014 we began to work with Moldova, and now we are ready to cooperate with the EU countries,” the Vice-President of Marketing and Sales Department of UPEC, Roman Hirschfeldstated.

“We analyze the tillage technologies used by farmers and then manufacture our equipment. We strive to compare our machines with the import counterparts and adapt it to local conditions. The vast majority of our production is based on our own engineering design,” Roman added.

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