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George Soros begins to invest in Ukrainian startups

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George Soros‘s fund “Dragon Capital New Ukraine” is going to invest in various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, providing enterprises for financial and management support to improve its efficiency, upgrade technology, and ensure long-term growth. The fund work will be based on management resources of Dragon Capital and its business experience in Ukraine, as the press service of the company reported.

“We believe that international private capital combined with strong local management skills will contribute to Ukrainian economic recovery and bring certain benefits. «Dragon Capital New Ukraine» Fund has everything to be one of the first successful examples of post-crisis direct investments in Ukrainian market,” – words of Michael Vachon, a press secretary of “Soros Fund Management”, which manages the Fund “Ukrainian Redevelopment”.

It is worth mentioning that Soros has repeatedly announced that the West should help Ukraine, and expressed readiness to invest in Ukraine. He is a founder of Fund “Revival”.

George Soros is one of the biggest financiers of the world. He is known as a man who demolished the Bank of England in 1992. A considerable part of his fortune he spent on various non-profit projects, particularly, on the development of the “Open Society Institute” in Eastern Europe. He initiates and supports programs in education, culture, art, health care, promoting the development of mechanisms and ideas of an open society.

On November 12th Soros was awarded the Order of Freedom, the highest state award of Ukraine for foreign residents. The order rewards merit and service to the state.

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