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“Kharkivvodokanal” created website for receiving online applications about accidents

Photo from kh-news.net

The press service of the Kharkiv City Council, referring to the Director General of the Public Enterprise “Kharkivvodokanal” Vitaly Panov, reported that the administration has promised to launch a special website for registering accidents online soon.

Online service allows users to leave a photo-complaint (request for repair). In addition to the online service, you can leave the complaint and, for example, arrange an appointment with the officials in social networks, namely in official groups of “Kharkivvodokanal” – Vkontakte and Facebook.

“The application, sent in the service, will be immediately submitted to the district office where the accident occurred. Every day at 8:00 am central dispatching reports me about the number of ruptures, its plans for today, about involved emergency teams and equipment. All information is completely under control,” said Vitaly Panov.

Management plans to introduce a free mobile number to receive applications for those who have no Internet access.

Recall, at this time the accident can be reported by phone: 712-08-40 and 734-91-53 (water) and 704-14-46 and 704-14-47 (sewage).

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