Home Business The UAH exchange rate rises by 2.5 points in 2016

The UAH exchange rate rises by 2.5 points in 2016

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The Ministry of Finance includes the average hryvnia rate of 24.1 per dollar in the Ukrainian budget draft 2016. That was indicated by the Minister of Finance, Natalie Jaresko at The International Central and Eastern European Investment Conference in Kyiv on November 6th.

The head of the department noticed that in order to achieve economic growth of 2%, Ukraine needs to continue the reform process. “Our macroeconomic forecasts for 2016 are to reach the 2% economic growth as realistic indicators, and it requires us to continue our program of reforms,” Jaresko announced.

Previously in early September, Jaresko stated that the budget draft for 2016 is based on the forecast of annual average exchange rate of 22.4 per dollar.

Note, the state budget-2015 was built on the forecast of hryvnia rate of 21.7 per dollar.

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