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Kharkivens now can search discounts on the map

Photo from inbyapp.com

IT company of Kharkiv developers Codesmart (headquartered in San Francisco) has created a mobile application to search for discounts on the city map – Inby.

The application is a map which indicates the location of the user and other markers (discounts in shops, restaurants, stores, theaters, pharmacies, and other places near you).

“Companies are placed on the Internet messages, and the system Inby finds them all and then filters and classifies as a neural network – similar to the workings of the human mind, – says Mikhail Fridshtand, CEO, author of the technical solution and co-owner Inby.

Currently 8 categories of messages are available in the application:

  1. Discounts.
  2. Actions.
  3. News and events.
  4. Work.
  5. The shops.
  6. Services.
  7. Food.
  8. Entertainment.

“The object is to provide the user with really useful information to get us into the application. In this case, useful messages we call those that help a wide range of consumers to save time or money,” says Katherine Kuzmenko, CEO, author and co-owner Inby.

Experts of Codesmart work in two areas of IT – in Silicon Valley (USA) and in Kharkiv (Ukraine). The team is developing application Inby over a year. The system already includes 132 cities (88 in Russia, 43 in Ukraine, one in Belarus). Now comes the second stage of “learning” neural network classification of messages in English.

The app is free to users and is available for download at the Apple Store and the Google Play Market. Over time, the developers plan to monetize and make Inby paid placement listings directly through the application.

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