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More than 400 Kharkiv officials are passing a lustration test

Photo from http://report.if.ua/

More than 400 Kharkiv officers of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) are passing a lustration test, as to the press service of the KRSA announced referring to the head of the regional administration, Igor Rainin.

According to him, 189 employees of the KRSA and 55 members of the administrative staff have passed the screening for corruption and received permission to stay in office in the structural units of the State Administration.

“The lustration test continues in respect of 315 employees of structural units of the regional administration and 87 employees of the administrative staff. Of course, if any member doesn’t pass the lustration inspection, he or she won’t work in the regional administration,” – Rainin stressed.

Looking back, in June the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated at the meeting of the Ministry of Justice that the lustration in Ukraine will be completed before the end of the next year.

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