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A memorial to dead pilots in ATO will be placed in Kharkiv

Photo from zn.ua

A monument to graduates of Kozhedub Air Force University of Kharkiv (KAFU), who gave their lives for the independence of Ukraine in 2014 – 2015 will be placed in Chuguev (Kharkiv region), as the media center of the Ministry of Defence reported.

Alexander Dubliany, the Deputy Minister of Defense and commander of the Air Force of Ukraine in 2012-2015 made a speech at the solemn meeting. “Unfortunately, several graduates of KAFU at the expense of their lifes had performed the duty in Donbass. We will never forget their names,” – Dubliany said.

An exhibition dedicated to the Ukrainian military men opened in the Kharkiv Art Museum. In the framework of the exhibition the competition of memorial design was held. 30 future designers and sculptors of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts presented their works. They visited the military unit A4101 in Chuguev, where dead soldiers rose in the sky for the first time. The memorial is planned to be placed there.

The winner of the competition, Elizabeth Yankina, was chosen by the jury consisted of representatives of the Chuguev training aviation brigade, designers, artists, sculptors, and volunteers. All the featured works can be seen in the Kharkiv Art Museum on November 19th.

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