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Kharkiv taxmen confiscated illegal excise goods of 7M

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Excisable goods at 6.9M hryvnias were seized from illegal circulation in the Kharkiv region last month, according to the press service of The Central Administration of the State Fiscal Service (SFS) in Kharkiv region.

The seizure includes alcohol in the amount of 2.5M hryvnias, fuels and lubricants of 4.3M, alcoholic beverages of 51 thousand and tobacco of 32 thousand, according to the words of Andrey Bezhanov, Acting Vice-President of the SFS in Kharkiv region.

Following employees of investigative and operational units of the SFS, informatin about 35 criminal offenses is registred at the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations (URPI).

“So, in October, only 8 criminal manufacturings were registered in URPI,” – said Bezhenov. Also, employees of tax police of the Kharkiv region have stopped the illegal activities of two “conversion centers”, with total turnover, according to preliminary estimates, about 800M hryvnias.

In addition, Andrew Bezhanov told about implementation of control under public funds using. For example, in the area of state purchases taxmen discovered 3 violations of the current legislation. This information also added to the URPI.

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