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Will Ukrainian annual leave be increased by 4 days?

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On Thursday, MPs voted in a first reading in favor of the new Labor Code. This document should replace the current Labor Code which has been in effect in Ukraine since 1971. Experts say that the adoption of this document is necessary for the liberalization of the visa regime with the EU, as one of the conditions that put us in the adaptation of labor law to the European Social Charter and other international legal acts.

The main innovations of the Labor Code will be as follows:

  • The vacation minimum is increased from the current 24 days to 28;

  • Payment for overtime work at night could be increased from 20 to 30%;

  • Usage of employees video surveillance will be allowed in some areas of the workplace;

  • An employment contract is provided in writing only;

  • It’s forbidden to change the terms of the labor contract without written consent of an employee.

However, the document was adopted in the first reading, so any of these statements may be changed in the course of further discussion.

At the moment, the annual vacation granted to employees is at least 24 calendar days per working year, which is counted from the date of the employment contract conclusion. Persons under the age of 18 should be provided with annual leave of 31 calendar days.

The legislation of Ukraine also stipulates some other duration of annual leave for certain worker categories. At the same time, the duration of a worker leave must not be less than 24 days.

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