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A Dreamer from Kharkiv became an aviator at the age of 51

Photo from Stanislav's Facebook Page

Stanislav Zubar dreamed of becoming an aviator as far back as he can remember. His father was a military pilot and Stanislav’s childhood was mostly spent at the airport. The boy even engaged in sports because it brought him closer to the dream.

But life took him in a different direction. The man entered the Polytechnic Institute, then went into a business, started a family. The dream of the sky remained, but somewhere far away.

The year before the dream came true when the guy went to the airport a few kilometers from Kharkiv. Together with an instructor he took a flight in January 2013, and in May he did a solo on a T-10M plane. In a month Zubar flew a KhaZ ViS-3, which is twice as heavy and three times faster.

This year he completed the theoretical and practical part of the training and received a pilot certificate for single-engine land airplanes of weight up to 3.5 tonnes. At this point he turned fifty-one.

“Pilot training costs about 100 thousand hryvnias,”- Stanislav says. “The first solo was easy for me. There was some sense of freedom. You can do what you want and nobody can tell you otherwiseFeelings overcame me when I had to land the plane, and I did it!”- the aviator looks back.

The man was training even at home – he bought a joystick, pedals and a special computer program. He was flying in such a way for half a year.

Now, Stanislav Zubar attends training courses of international flights. Also he accustoms his children, 27-year-old Roman and 25-year-old Ruslanto fly.

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