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Kharkivens will maintain the political parties


Political parties will be maintained at the expense of funds allocated from the state budget. The appropriate law was adopted by Verkhovna Rada and was sent for signature to the President of Ukraine.

In 2016 a new item of expenditure about the financing of political parties will appear in the state budget. The political forces will be able to rent offices and pay the salaries to their leaders for the state funds. The authors of the law believe that it will make party spending transparent.

Kharkiv political analysts agree with the authors of this innovation. It will really make party expenses transparent, and will oblige the parties to report on embezzlement of public funds.

“The parties will account for every penny. And the state funds will be given only to those who will receive the support of the people on the parliamentary elections. Looking to the foreign practice, the calculation of the amounts will be settled accordingly to the number of mandates of the party or accordingly to the number of votes they gained in the elections,” said political analyst Vladimir Nikitin.

According to political analyst Valery Ruban, this innovation can encourage parties to receive public support. He is sure that Kharkivens has nothing to fear and there won’t be any bribes.

Vladimir Nikitin assumes that the financing of political parties from the state budget won’t solve all problems. “I am confident that state budget won’t be able to provide sufficient amount to large parties and small parties won’t receive funds because of compete “with the political giants,” said the analyst.

According to the experts estimates, citizens will pay 1.20 hryvnias every month for the maintenance of parties.

Kharkivens are skeptical about such possible innovation. On the one hand the amount is small and on the other hand people have little trust in politicians.

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