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Festival of the public initiatives will be held in Kharkiv

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On November 3rd, the press conference devoted to the festival of public initiatives “Social Vitamin-B” took place in the Kharkiv crisis information center.

“Social Vitamin-B” is a two-day festival, which will be held in Kharkiv on November 7th and 8th. The project aims to bring together representatives of various community initiatives and give them a platform for the experience exchange.

“One of the project objectives is to increase the number of Kharkivens involved in the public life of the city. People are already involved in its life in certain aspects, however, they do not feel part of the public sphere. There are a lot of fascinating projects and initiatives, but people do not know how to join them. “Social Vitamin” is one of the ways to meet people who are willing to fulfill themselves in the social sphere, though who do not know how to accomplish that” – said the project manager, Galina Uvarova.

Organizers of the festival: the public organization “Communication without Borders”, “Friend of Nature”, with the support of the “Dortmund” International Education Center, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, “Chernobyl historical workroom”, Jewish cultural center “Beit Dan”.

About 40 community initiatives will be represented at the exhibition space. Along with main event visitors can take part in master classes, view presentations from the city’s initiatives, etc.

  1. November 7, at 9:30 – “Workshop for Non-Governmental Organization” in “Chernobyl historical workroom” (Frunze Str., 1).
  2. November 8, from 12.00 to 20.00 –  Community fair of the initiatives JCC “Beit Dan” (Tobolskaya Str., 46).

The program of events can be found here.

The entrance is free.

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