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The first youth forum was held in Kharkiv

Photo from city.kharkov.ua

October 31 was the first youth forum “Kharkiv for young people – youth for Kharkiv” at the National Economic University named after Semen Kuznets. 350 people attended the forum. Among them were students, schoolchildren, young scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes who are not indifferent to the fate of the city.

The sections of the forum reflected five areas: social activities, youth entrepreneurship, education, arts and sports. There were 15 speakers – experts in their fields. They shared their experiences with the youth, offered to discuss the most important issues and shared their vision of Kharkiv.

Director of the Department of Family, Youth and Sports Constantine Loboychenko said: “With the economic crisis, the exodus of investors, a new wave of “brain drain”, Kharkiv is betting on young people, who love their city”.

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