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Regional council deputies discussed creation of a new system of healthcare


On October 29 was held the extraordinary session of the Kharkiv Regional Council. The deputies made changes of some programs and accepted changes to the regional budget offered by the Department of Finance of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA).

“It is accepted and distributed on the proposal of the treasurer the additional funds from the state budget to local budgets – for educational subvention 11,5 million UAH, for medical subvention 36,2 million, subventions for aid payment to families with children 326,6 million,” said the director of the KRSA Department of Finance Sergey Ovsyannikov.

134a5333-2000x1333-9d0dThe first adopted issue of the agenda was the strategy of the building a new system of healthcare and medical education in the region, under which the management model and financing of medical institutions will be changed in the region up to 2020. The strategy is based on maintaining the three-level system of organization and population-care delivery in the region, but with changes of the principles of health service management and financing at all levels of healthcare.

Also the deputies made changes in the regional programs. For the repair of accident prone road Chuguyiv-Melovoe, the only highway that connects Kharkiv region with Lugansk will direct 614,6 million UAH from the state and local budgets.

134a5348-2000x1333-13cbThe deputies allocated an additional 40 million hryvnias to help diabetics and children with complex genetic diseases, more than 2 million on financial assistance to the participants of the ATO and families of died military officers. Another 240 thousand hryvnias were allocated to overtake wage arrears and energy resources to the theater “Bommer” famous for its avant-garde and social repertoire.

There is no forecasts on work in the new convocation in the regional council. They are waiting for the official election results which must be announced until November 4.

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