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Kharkiv was the most active participant in the European Local Democracy Week

Photo from congress-eldw.eu

The first deputy mayor, Igor Terekhov, during the roundtable, said the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe has recognized Kharkiv as one of the most active participants in the European Local Democracy Week (ELDW).

Despite the fact that the ELDW was held in Kharkiv for the first time, the city was given the highest possible status of participants – “City of twelve stars”.

logo_engThis year the theme of the ELDW – “Living together in multicultural societies: respect, dialogue, interaction”. As part of this event took place in Kharkiv interesting large-scale activities aimed at establishing mutual understanding between representatives of different cultures and promotion of ideas of European democracy. Among them: the week of Poland, Germany, French Culture Days, an educational event “Night of Science”, and many others. A roundtable completed the ELDW. It was attended by a representative of the youth organizations as well as national and cultural communities of the city. Young activists presented their projects for the near future plans to implement.

Reference. European Local Democracy Week is connected with the adoption of the European Charter of Local Self-Government on October 15th, 1985. However, since some European cities have a large number of different activities, the week of local democracy has been extended to two months (September and October).

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