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Activists developed a project for the reconstruction of the Savkin Yar

Photo from robinzon.tv

The press service of the city council reported that on October 23rd, a round table with the participation of youth organizations happened in the city. The event took place in the framework of the European Local Democracy Week. Young people presented a project “Savkin Yar. Oasis in the city”, which involves the reconstruction of the ravine.

The organization ”Enactus” believes that with the help of previously received grants from the American Council for International Education this idea might become a reality.

The head of the youth organization “Enactus” of the Kharkiv National Economic University named by Semyon Kuznets, Mikhail Lazarev said, that they are planning to organize the recreation area and ecological tourism. On the territory of the ravine activists want to break three parks, roads, and clear the pond. Their plans also include the reconstruction of the house where the Ukrainian philosopher Gregory Skovoroda lived, and creating the museum of the writer.

“We already have the Gorky Park, but it is more than an amusement park, Sarzhin Yar, which has became the place for sports, while Savkin Yar will be a place for the soul, for the cultural activities of Kharkiv,” – said Lazarev.

W1rGUhpSAz4Reference. Savkin Yar separates Lysaya Gora from Kholodnaya Gora. When Skovoroda lived on Lysa Hora, the ravine was one of his favorite venues for religious activities with their students.

Today Savkin Yar suffers from the actions of people who use it as a dump. According to specialists, such actions have caused damage to nature on 3.5 million UAH. In April of this year there was a big “subbotnik” (edit: the even, on which people clean the territiry from litter) in Savkin Yar. This was the first step in a project aiming to create in it a cultural recreation area.

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