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Two key political forces of Kharkiv


Political party “Nash krai” led by Alexander Feldman is the main competitor of the party “Vidrodzhennia” on the elections in Kharkiv and the only political force which is capable of preventing the monopolization of power in the city of acting mayor. Such an opinion expressed political analyst Vadim Karasev during a press conference in the media center “Vremia/Time” on October 21.

According to him, the main battle in the current elections in Kharkiv is electoral heritage of Party Regions. “This is the intrigue of the election – who will receive these votes,” said the analyst.

Karasev thinks that the main question is who will form a majority in the City Council. He predicts that after the elections the key political forces in Kharkiv will be “Nash krai” and “Vidrodzhennia” and emphasizes that “these two parties will be force and counter-force in the formation of the future policy of the first capital.” According to him, the monopolization of power by one party is ruinous for the city because there will be no one who could challenge the decision of the mayor. “Nash Krai” can stop monopolization of Kernes power in Kharkiv.

“As to the election of the mayor the only serious alternative to Gennady Kernes could be Alexander Feldman but he doesn’t go to the polls. Therefore I do not expect surprises in the elections for the mayor,” he said.

Karasev thinks that although there are only a few days left before the elections but fighting for the seats in the city council has not finished. “Two or three days before the elections will be determinative as there are still a lot of undecided voters,” he said.

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