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Kharkiv may become another tourist stronghold of Ukraine

MP of Ukraine, co-chairman of the political party “Nash krai” Alexander Feldman believes that development of tourism in the Kharkiv region is one of the prioritized and promising directions of economic activity.

“Tourism and related services in many countries is a major branch of ​​the economy which replenish the budget and create workplaces. For our country, region, and city this direction is very important. Especially now, during the recession of industrial production,” said Alexander Feldman .

MP emphasized that the proximity to the ATO area and the recent increase of extremism deter potential visitors and investors of the Karkiv region. However, the politician is sure that the situation will change soon for the better, the region will settle down to a peaceful quiet life, and the economy will develop.

“The attractiveness of our region and city for tourists is obvious. There is beautiful nature, rich history, and interesting architecture. And the most important is that Kharkivens are hospitable and tolerant. There are good reasons why numerous football fans from Germany, Netherlands, and other countries have great memories from visiting our city during the “Euro 2012,” said the parliamentarian.

According to Alexander Feldman, the most important is to draft a clear business plan of tourism. It should include the development of services, work on the restoration of monuments of architecture and history, and take into account the innovations and experiences of other cities and countries.

He noted that Kharkiv region has the potential for development but also needs political will, good management, and the support of the territorial community.

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