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Masked men attacked the house of the deputy and broke into the City Council building

Foto from sq.com.ua

Today, on September 23rd, Mayor Gennady Kernes, at a session of the Kharkiv City Council, said: “About 100 masked men hit the gate, to inspire fear in the people inside the building at the [following] address: Tulskiy Lane 1, Kharkiv.” At this address lives the head of the “Oppositional bloc” office, Mikhail Dobkin.

img-news-2015-september-23-dom3The activists left after they found out that the Dzerzhinsky and Kievskiy districts police departments, special forces, and head of the city police department were en route. It became known that people with flags of civilized corpus “Azov” damaged and painted gates, smashed surveillance cameras, attempted to climb over the fence, and threw smoke bombs into the courtyard.

img-news-2015-september-23-gorLater, the same activists, wearing masks, came to the building of the city council and tried to break into the reception office of Kernes, where activists and law enforcers ended up in a scuffle. After that, the activists dispersed.

img-news-2015-september-23-gor3Actions of activists are going to be qualified for paragraph 2 of the Art. 296 (hooliganism) and Art. 342 (resistance to authority, law enforcement bodies, state artist, member of the public formation for the protection of public order and the state border or serviceman authorized person Deposit Guarantee Fund of natural persons) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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