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March of nationalists hosted despite the court ban

On September 12th, the march of nationalists was hosted. About 150 activists of the public organizations “Sokol”, “Pravitsa” of the Citizens Corps, “Azov”, and the party “Svoboda” held the march from Constitution Square to the building of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in the Kharkiv region, on the street of Sovnarkomovskaya. This procession was held in support of prisoners Andrey Medvedko and Oleg Polishchuk.

Participants carried placards with portraits of Medvedko and Polishchuk, with the slogan “Freedom patriots”, and chanted “Freedom for the political prisoners”, “Avakov to resign”, etc.

48cd5d5-42371a08e16f6c5718b28f992ac48d9b-1-“The court banned the march, which was declared as the march of nationalists, but now we have the consent of the police, in exchange for compliance with the rules. The rally is allowed. Our goal is to attract public attention and support for Medvedko and Polishchuk, as there are witnesses who state that both were in the area of the ATO at time of the Buzina murder. We demand the release of both” said the coordinator of the organization “Sokol”, Vadim Pozdnyakov.

The action lasted a little more than half an hour. Police did not interfere with the carrying of the procession, even though it was banned by the court.

Recall, on September 11th, the Kharkiv District Administrative Court banned the nationalists march on the main street of Kharkiv – Sumskaya, but allowed a rally near the building of the regional police department.

Background: In April 2015, Andrey Medvedko and Oleg Polishchuk were suspected in the murder of publicist and journalist, Oles Buzina.


Foto from www.hromadske.tv
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